We’re having a baby!

July 3, 2016

pippa vague the traveling anthropologist

It feels SO GOOD to finally be able to say this! We’ve been keeping our lips sealed for the past 9 weeks – which believe me feels like an absolute lifetime when you’re excited!! Keeping it from friends and family was the hardest! We waited a few weeks after finding out to tell our parents because we wanted it to be a present on my mums birthday, and we waited until after our first scan to tell everyone else just in case we miscarried. I told people that I was doing a ‘dry May’ spell with no drinking – and they actually believed me! I mean, do they know me at all? Haha. And in June I made up an illness and said I was taking antibiotics. It was stressful! It’s silly I know but I felt like I was being really deceitful by not telling people. It feels so good to be able to actually talk about it now.  I think for our next baby we’ll be more open about it at least with close friends.

Due Date: My birthday January 6th 2017.  But I’m really hoping he or she can hold on in there for a few more days cause I kinda want to keep my birthday to myself! 🙂 Gender: It’s still too early to tell, but we can’t decide whether we want to find out or not. I want to wait till the delivery room but Guy wants to know asap.  I do think it’s a girl though – the heartbeat was 170bmp at the scan and that’s apparently indicative of a girl.  Sickness: I’ve been so lucky I haven’t had any morning sickness apart from the occasional wave of nausea that only lasts a few minutes. I have had headaches, cramps and exhaustion though. Cravings: I haven’t had anything major yet except my taste buds seem to be appreciating savory foods more than sweet ones. Some days I’m not hungry and other days I’m insatiable. Sleep: It’s getting better but I’ve been averaging five hours a night these last couple of months. I’ve been having lots of weird dreams too.  Weight Gain: My weights gone up and down this first trimester. I haven’t been sick or anything but I think cutting out alcohol helped me drop a kilo early on, but then I gained a couple of kilos in the middle and then lost them again recently.

pippa vague the traveling anthropologist

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