We’re going home

March 9, 2016

the traveling anthropologist

A couple of weeks ago right after this picture was taken at Coyoacan Park, we got a message from Guy’s parents asking us to call home.  We expected them to tell us that the (very old) family dog had finally died.  Instead we found out that his mum has been diagnosed with lung cancer and that the tumors have spread to her lymph nodes.  It wasn’t exactly a shock – Guy’s mum has been a heavy smoker for 40+ years and she’s never lived a healthy lifestyle – but it was sad nonetheless.

We briefly discussed our options and then decided the best thing to do was to go home.  Although it’s not quite ‘home’.  We’ll be returning to Auckland where we both grew up, went to school and university, and where both of our families and most of our friends still live.  But we don’t consider Auckland home anymore having lived in Wellington for the last four years.  I’m really interested to see what it’s like being back in Auckland actually – it will be great to be around our friends and families again (for a while at least ha).

We’re feeling positive about it although we’re sad to be leaving Mexico and sad to be cutting our trip so short.  We’d envisaged being on the road for many more months if not years. But, family first of course. We want to keep traveling. We will keep traveling. Next year I want to visit my brother in Perth, Australia and we want to visit Argentina for a month in our holidays.  We also still want to live and work overseas when the time is right. But right now our priorities lie elsewhere.

I’m not sure what it means for this blog here. Can I still be ‘The Traveling Anthropologist’ if I’m no longer traveling? I do know that I want to keep blogging, and creating and sharing recipes so maybe it will head into more of a food/lifestyle blog? Does that mean I have to change the name and rebrand? Will anybody still read that? I’ll worry about that at another time! It’s a freezing, windy day today and our friends that just left the hostel to go to Cuba left us a couple of bottles of wine so I think I’ll pour myself a glass – just in the interests of keeping warm of course!


  • Reply Alexandria March 10, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    First, I am really sorry to hear about his mother. The same thing happened to the woman who raised me. So I can relate a bit. I can also relate to being sad that you have to head back home. That is part of the reason we moved up to the mountains to spend time with Edward’s parents before we moved abroad. They are both in their late 60’s and his father has already had a heart attack, has a pacemaker and diabetes. So we inevitably know that something will probably go wrong when we are abroad so we are trying to make our consciences feel better. As far as changing your name. I don’t think you need to because you will still be traveling. Also, you are moving back to somewhere you don’t consider home so maybe you can re-visit the city? Plus, you will not lose readers as long as they are invested in you. It’s taken me awhile to learn that you just have to worry about how you feel about your blog and you have to be happy with it. But you could do a survey for the website.

  • Reply March 11, 2016 at 11:29 am

    Thank you for your kind words Alexandria! I think you’re right, I love this blog and I don’t really want to change it, so I’ll have a little faith. It might be a whole new adventure for me! 🙂

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