A rainy day picnic

April 24, 2016

picnic in the rain

I love Auckland, I really do. I love the beaches and the parks and the malls and the dumpling restaurants. I love that most of my friends and family are here. I love that it never gets too cold in winter or too hot in summer. I love all the memories I have from growing up here. What I don’t love is that it rains – a lot. Sure it’s green and beautiful but it can be lush without the rain? Or can it at least wait until the evening to rain? In case you can’t tell I hate the rain. In the past it’s really gotten me down especcially in the middle of winter when it rains non stop for two weeks so in recent years I’ve been working on not letting it bother me so much. Luckily we’ve lived in Wellington for the last four years where it doesn’t rain much (but it is the windiest city in the world….) so I haven’t had to try too hard, but being back in Auckland now I’ve been reminded by how much I hate rainy days and I’m having to focus a little harder on staying positive.

I woke up this morning wanting to go for a hike and a pinic, I just had it in my mind. I spent all of yesterday – which was a gorgeous blue sky day – cooped up inside catching up on work so I was determined to get out today.Β  I knew Guy wouldn’t be quite so keen so I let him watch Netflix while I made a kumara (sweet potato) soup and got some blankets together. Then I announced that we were going on a picnic and pretended not to hear his protests – two can play at the selective hearing game right? πŸ˜‰

a rainy day picnic

a rainy day picnic

a rainy day picnic

We actually had so much fun and Guy was really happy we went. We managed to find a place under some trees where we were somewhat sheltered from the rain and our popcorn only got a little bit soggy haha.

a rainy day picnic

Even on a grey and rainy day you’re still beautiful Auckland.

pippa vague

At the risk of sounding narcissistic I really love this photo –Β  I love that it captures my wrinkles and lines – seriously! I’m noticing my face ageing more and more these days and I love it! I really do. I love seeing the experiences and memories of my life played out on my face. The worry lines on my forehead from negotiating foreign countries, the crinkles at the edge of my eyes from laughing with my girlfriends, the bags under my eyes from staying up late whispering about the future with Guy.

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