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Rainbow Tostadas

January 9, 2016

hostel cooking

Okay, I know there are more colours in the rainbow than red, green, yellow and black but these were so pretty they just reminded me of eating a rainbow which made me happy. I love colourful food.

These tostadas are perfect to make in even the most basic hostel kitchen because they require hardly any equipment – in fact you could make these when camping pretty easily too.Β  They’re also quick (I always think it’s strange that even though I love to cook I really love quick recipes ha), and best of all they’re healthy. Admittedly these are a little hard to eat but I kinda like that, it makes me stop and focus on the food I’m eating rather than just stuffing it down while reading a book. Or maybe I just never stopped enjoying playing with my food πŸ™‚

equipment needed

one pot
one bowla chopping board
a sharp knife


eight tostadas
one can of black beans (or a cup of fresh)
five small/two large tomatoes
one cob of sweetcorn
half an onion (red or white)
one lime
a bunch of coriander/cilantro


Cook your sweetcorn – if I’m using fresh corn IΒ  personally like the boiling method because it comes out so juicy, but you can also microwave it (I always microwave frozen corn with a little water because it’s just so easy).

Rinse your black beans well under cold water to get rid of the brine.

Finely chop the onion and tomatoes (as a general rule I keep everything to a similar size as the beans) add the beans and corn and stir in some lime juice.

Rip the leaves off your coriander and sprinkle on top off the bean mixture.

Serve with your tostadas.Β  We ate half of them with the mixture on top, and the other half we broke the tostadas into chips and spooned the mix out with them. They were delicious both ways!

hostel cooking

hostel cooking

I hope you enjoy! If you do I’d love to you to share it on Pinterest using the image below. πŸ™‚

hostel cooking


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