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Mexico City I love you! [part two]

March 23, 2016

If you haven’t read it you can part one of this post here

We’ve been in Mexico City for a little over three weeks now and we’re still loving it. We’ve been spending our days slowly and sweetly, visiting the local market every couple of days to pick up fresh produce, walking around exploring new suburbs, eating all the tacos we could possibly find (including goat head) and returned to Coyoacan to feed the squirrels a couple more times.


We’ve only got a couple more weeks left here, and I’m going to be so sad to leave. I’m a teeny bit excited about going home – I’ve been making lists of places to explore and visit – but I’m also sad. This wonderful adventure is coming to an end.

Here are some of the special moments we’ve had here (and way too many photos)

mexico city travel blog


calle donocles mexico city


We celebrated Guy’s birthday by exploring Calle Donocles – a street full of second hand books stores, and not just any bookstores but gigantic stores with precarious floor to ceiling stacks of books in every language imaginable.  We picked up some more treats from a bakery and had a picnic in one of the many gorgeous parks, and then headed to what we thought was a bar for a drink – but what turned out to be a brothel…then we came home and spent the afternoon reading our books in the sunshine and finished the night off with a delicious meal of tacos.

chapultepec park mexico city

chapultepec park mexico city

We re-explored Chapultepec Park on a Sunday when it was seriously busy! It’s amazing just how many people are in this city, I never cease to be astounded by it.  I bought a giant stick of candyfloss which made me so excited but about halfway in I got so sick of it and it started melting all over my fingers and sticking on my face ha.

mexico city travel blog mexico city travel blog mexico city travel blog

Guy really wanted to explore the big university here (for reasons unknown to me) so one day I agreed to go along with him. I cannot describe how big this place is. It’s big enough to have an entire section dedicated to sculptures (below). We must have spent three hours walking around the buildings and looking at the artwork and we still missed sections of it out.  It was actually pretty cool, there was so much artwork around depicting the struggle for Independence and I just love being back on campus –  I miss being a student!

mexico city travel blog mexico city travel blog

The Zocalo is so different to how we remember it.  The last time we were here there was a giant ice skating rink taking up most of the space and there were market stalls and performers in every free corner. Now it feels so empty – although the Cathedral is as gorgeous as ever. One morning we were walking through it and stumbled across a free Opera concert on one of the road leading off the Zocalo. People were sitting under umbrellas and standing in the shade just taking it in.



mexico city

One day Guy dragged me up the top of the highest building in the city. I wasn’t that keen because I mean how good can a view really be? It turns out really good. Really really good.

mexico city travel blog mexico city travel blog

We visited the National Palace one day which was wonderful except we went hungry and after an hour of walking around we got hangry and left before seeing everything there.  The Diego Riviera murals were wonderful though – so detailed. This one apparently took six years to paint.

mexico city mexico city

mexico city travel blog mexico city travel blog

One of the things I love about Mexico City is the diversity in the neighborhoods here.  Within 5 minutes of walking you can go from a very local feeling area where the streets are lined with food stalls and men standing around gossiping, to a very cosmopolitan street where each cafe is more expensive than the previous one and where armed police stand on every corner. They also do parks and monuments really well.

While it wasn’t high on my list of places to visit I’m so glad we got the chance to return to it because this time round I fell head over heels in love with it.  From the tacos prepared right in front of us while we chatted to the cook to the beautiful parks with squirrels running around in them and the stunning architecture everywhere downtown! This is such a vibrant, fascinating city I can’t wait until we return again!

Mexico City I love you!


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