May 31, 2016

We’ve been back home for a little over a month now and I’ve been settling back into life in New Zealand slowly and gently. I’ve purposely been taking it slowly and rather than rushing around catching up with everyone I’ve been gradually spending time with each of my friends and spending quality time with them. I’ve also been hanging out with my parents more than usual which I’ve been really enjoying. Normally when I visit Auckland I stay with them but I’m popping in and out and don’t see them for longer than a meal or two.  They’ve also just moved into a new house so I’ve been helping them settle in a little – like planting a herb garden.

the traveling anthropologist

We had some sweet friends from Wellington come and spend a weekend with us at Waipu.

the traveling anthropologist

the traveling anthropologist

the traveling anthropologist

My mum and I went for a hike in the rain at Piha. I love discovering new parts of Auckland!

the traveling anthropologist

These little ‘rams horns’ are my favourite shells!

I got a job this week – it’s just temping in an office for a few weeks but I’m actually looking forward to it. Earning some money, getting out of the house, having some structure to my days – all the things I hate to love but yet I do.

I’m still missing Mexico, and missing our life of travel but I’m trying not to think about it too much. There are so many adventures to be had in New Zealand I know we’re not going to get bored. And now that Guy has finally had his knee operated on we can go away for weekends which I am so looking forward to.

Also, I was looking through some old photos and came across these ones from our last weeks in Wellington last year. Gosh I miss that city (on a good day – on a bad day it’s a horribly cold and windy place where no one wants to be). I’m excited to go back there at the end of this year.

wellington day walks wellington day walks wellington day walks


River. This is quite a strange program and halfway through each episode I thought ‘I won’t watch this again’ but then at the end I always ended up clicking on the next episode. It was only six episodes long but the finale was so good it made it all worth it. Now that’s its’ finished I can’t stop thinking about it.

Marseille. I watched this after hearing that it was the French version of House of Cards – it’s not. But it is wonderfully entertaining, and there’s a love story that got me hook, line and sinker. I actually watched all the episodes twice just to watch the love story unfold again. There were subtle differences between an American show that I loved like the nudity that was somehow necessary rather than gratuitous, and the way that food and wine was always centre stage.

Bloodline. Guy and I just started this so we’re only two episodes in but we’re hooked already. There are so many layers of deceit and deception, and so many characters I just know it’s going to be a good one!


The language of flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. This was a sad book about a foster child trying to figure out her life, but it had touching moments that made me keep reading.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I haven’t finished this book yet but I’m really enjoying it. It details the stark contrast in life between a family of miners in Wales and an Earl in his mansion who lives nearby. There are also lots of other characters appearing briefly which add a wonderful richness to the stories.


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