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Leon, Nicaragua

February 4, 2016

leon nicaragua travel blog 2016

We were a little disappointed by Leon. It was a cool city with a beautiful parque central and a gorgeous cathedral, and we did love to eat the carne asada from the night markets – but it just lacked a charm that we were hoping for.  Something to draw us in and keep us interested.  Also it was hot, so hot I’m surprised we made it out alive.

leon travel blog 2016

Before and after rennovations


We hung out there for a week in an AirBnb with some erm strange people ha (I mean who only has one mug and one spoon in a house?).  There wasn’t a lot to do in the city that we could afford – all the fun adventure activities like volcano boarding were out of our price range, there weren’t a lot of cheap cafes and eateries for us to explore and it was just too hot to wander the streets for very long.  We spent a lot of our time reading and watching Netflix.

To escape the heat one night we watched The Revenant (amazing, deserves all the hype, and Leo gives a flawless performance once again).  We popped into Burger King first since it was next door to get some dessert.  We both felt really guilty being in there and left as soon as we’d finished eating (he had a strawberry cheesecake and I had a soft serve cone) we got up and left really fast haha.  It wasn’t the junk food that made us feel uncomfortable, it was the first fast food place we’ve been into on this trip and we just felt like such gringos I don’t think we’ll do it again in a hurry.

leon travel guide 2016

We did eat local food too! The carne asada behind the cathedral was divine.


One day we went to a very strange museum. It was set in an old prison, which combined with the depictions of torture on the wall and the creepy exhibits gave me the heeby jeebies. We didn’t stay long – Guy because he was bored and me because I was terrifed haha. There was one highlight though – the legend of the woman with the huge tits. Seriously.

leon nicaragua travel blog 2016

[I typed this word for word I promise!]

This is about the daughter of a wealthy landowner.  She was a young woman with a large head, a sour face, only a few friends, bulging eyes, a mouth quite pronounced, a long nose, and a well – developed body like a man, thick and muscular arms, long hair and extremely large tits. With all these qualities and despite being the sole heir to the fortune of her parents, she was never able to find a suitor.

She went out into the streets and when she found groups of men, she would choose the one she liked, grab him and not let go, pulling one of her beautiful “pitchers of honey” she said: “take your tit”. Until they got the huge nipple into their mouths, and when she was satisfied she would release them.

Anywaaaay my favourite thing about the city were the pigeons that hung out around the Parque Central.  There were at least a hundred of them at times and they swooped around in a flock from the ground to this gorgeous old building. A couple of times I just sat there watching them. I loved them! Unfortunately on both occasions I tried to get photos and video of them my camera overheated and turned itself off after only a few minutes.

leon travel blog 2016

leon travel blog 2016

leon travel blog 2016

Here’s a quick video I made.

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