Just another night in Guatemala

June 2, 2015

One night in San Pedro la Laguna we went out for dinner at a great little taqueria a few blocks from our guesthouse. We were feeling a little too over stuffed to walk all the way back and play dodgem with the crazy drivers, so we decided to catch a tuk-tuk (what is the Spanish word for these?).  We stopped at a little shop with an empty vehicle outside and Guy popped his head in to ask in our Spanglish if we could get a ride.  The next thing I know he was hauled inside and being asked to help the owner of the shop (and driver) remove a drunk man that was passed out on a bench.  A little apprehensively I entered the shop too to find one large man slumped against the wall and another man enthusiastically shaking Guy’s hand while sipping from a beer.  Apparently this was a regular occurrence because the owner was completely unfazed by it and directed Guy to grab the mans other arm and help drag him off the bench onto the floor.  I should note Guy’s pretty strong – he’s a physical trainer by trade so he works out a lot – but this man was very large and heavy.  It took the two of them a couple of minutes to drag him across the floor and out the door while I flitted around trying to protect his head.  Meanwhile the other man took a great liking to Guy and kept trying to shake one of his hands while pushing his beer into the other hand.

I don’t know what it sounded like from the outside but it must have been chaotic.  The owner was yelling in Spanish at the other man to leave Guy alone, the man was jabbering in Spanish to Guy about how much he liked him, I was shrieking “watch out for his head!” and Guy was trying to hold back fits of laughter.  Just as they managed to get him out of the door a few people walked past and slowed down to see what was going on.  My heart stopped and my inner drama queen emerged – I envisaged us being accused of assaulting the poor man, or trying to rob in, or getting into trouble for being in a locals company – but they were completely unfazed and laughed as they kept on walking.

Finally, the man was outside and we managed to get him onto his side.  As the owner was locking up his shop the other man gifted Guy his cowboy hat and kept hugging him pronouncing their new friendship (we think that’s what he was saying anyway).  When we eventually peeled him away from Guy (with the owners assistance) and got into the tuktuk he decided that he needed take a piss and started undoing his jeans right in front of us.  The last we saw of him before we turned the corner was him peeing on the ground as he walked toward his sleeping friend (he was uncomfortably close and showed no signs of stopping).

The next morning we walked past the same spot but neither man was to be seen, so we chalked it down to just another night in Guatemala.

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  • Reply Miki November 15, 2015 at 1:05 am

    Hahahahaha! I can just imagine you freaking out and saying “Careful, oh, be careful of his head! You don’t want to give him concussion!”

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