January 31, 2016

January has been hot and cold.  We left the mountains and cool air of Xela for a brief sojourn with the mountains of Lago Atitlan before reconnecting with the mountains and warm air of Antigua. Then we ended up in Nicaragua where we sometimes lie on our bed not moving because it’s too hot to do anything.

January has been slow. We lingered in Antigua far longer than we expected – more than two weeks. We soaked in the words printed on the pages of our books, drunk a lot of coffee, and whispered plans and goals for the new year.

January has been fast.  We took a whirlwhind trip into Honduras, lingering just long enough to explore some ruins and then took a ridiculous 20 hour trip back into Guatemala, into El Salvador, back into Honduras and then finally into Nicaragua.

January has been new. We left the familiarity of Mexico & Guatemala for new countries.  We’ve been making new plans and forming new goals. We’ve made new friends and seen new things.

What I’ve been…


A wrinkle in time.  I found this book on a book list of must read books and though it took me a little while to get into it’s actually become one of my favourite books (I have a lot of favourites – like 100).  It’s whimsical and sweet, written from the perspective of a young girl, yet it deals with very adult themes in a sensitive way.

On the road. This book has taken me about five years to read. I’ve tried to get into it a few times but wasn’t able to until the beginning of this year and I really really enjoyed it.

The first bad man. This book is strange, there’s really no way other to describe it. I’m not sure I liked it, or enjoyed it but nonetheless I couldn’t stop reading it.


House of Cards. Yet again I am behind the times when it comes to watching TV shows (I’m still trying to finish Lost & Breaking Bad).  This show is so great, I love Kevin Spacey anyway but in this he is perfection. I’ve also just re-joined Netflix so I’ve been rewatching some of my favourite scenes from SOA in my spare time. I know, I know I need to get a life – but seriously Jax & Tara are addictive!

Listening to


Adele’s new album – as flawless as expected.

Clicking on

French expressions translated literally. I can never get enough of these, I love them – all of them!

Healthy eating cheat sheets. I know a lot of this is common sense but seeing it all laid out so prettily makes it seem so easy and real.

Herbed roasted whole cauliflower.  Really really really want to try to make this asap!

Jilli Hendrix Instagram. My new favorite Instagram account – I laugh out loud every day!

Next month we’re celebrating Guy’s birthday, meeting up with some friends in Costa Rica, working to increase our Spanish vocabulary and returning to our beloved Mexico.

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