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A trip to the chocolate shop

April 14, 2016

This afternoon we both had a craving for chocolate, Guy because he was hungover from last night and me because, well I constantly crave chocolate. We went into a tiny little tienda just around the corner from where we’re staying where we were warmly greeted by the shop owner.  We exchanged pleasantries and comments about the weather until our Spanish ran out.  After looking around for a few minutes I selected two different blocks of dark chocolate. One was small and commercial looking and was $5, and one was large and homemade looking and cost $3. I held them up to the store owner and asked him which was better (half expecting him to recommend the more expensive one). He told me the larger (and cheaper) one was very delicious, and proceeded to break a piece off for me to try. It was delicious and I told him I’d buy one. He took another unopened bar from the shelf which he sold to us. Then he spent a minute wishing us a good afternoon and thanking us for stopping by – while three other customers just stood patiently waiting.

This simple act of kindness is so common here, we honestly experience something similar everyday.  Sometimes it will be a free lime at the markets because the stall owner likes my dimples, or someone will help us order food when we’re lost for what to do, or when I apologise for my poor Spanish at the hairdressers they laugh and tell me not to worry and then tell me I’m beautiful.  Just little moments that are so genuine and sweet they literally warm our hearts. Thank you Mexico.

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