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April 19, 2016

We’ve been back home for nearly a week now and, it’s strange.

It’s strange being back in our parents homes, not because we’re unhappy to live with them but because we don’t have the same freedoms and independence that we once had. I’m not doing the food shopping and cooking so I’m not in control over what we eat. I didn’t realise that would be such a big thing to me but I love to cook, and I explored so many new ingredients and recipes in Mexico City that I’m quite sad to not be doing it still. Also, we were eating really well – (no processed foods, lots of vegetables) – and drinking less and just generally feeling really healthy.  Since returning home those healthy habits have been pushed to the side, at least for me.

It’s strange having no time. It’s really strange actually because we’re not doing anything here but yet we always seem to have things to do and no free time, and then if we have free time I feel bad not doing anything (not that I have anything to do anyway).  I’m hoping it’s just a holiday hangover thing and that it passes cause pretty soon I’m gonna get back to my beloved Netflix and I do not want to feel bad about doing so!

It’s strange seeing our friends and family for whom nothing’s changed, at least nothing that we’ve noticed, yet we feel like everythings changed.  Sometimes someone will ask me “how was your trip?” and I just have no idea how to respond. What can I say to someone who’s never been there? It’s something I’m trying to work on – describing little snippets, a funny story or a clever anecdote. I feel so inadequate saying “oh it was wonderful!”. I want to tell them about the food and how much better it is than anything we think of as being Mexican food, the friendliness and warmth of the people who greet you with a genuine smile, the hip hop music that blasts from a furniture store, the men who walk around selling literally everything and the exhilaration of getting a phrase right in Spanish. But instead I just say “oh it was wonderful”.

It’s just strange being back home in New Zealand when we didn’t expect to be home for many more months, or maybe years. I know I’ll adjust, and I’ll probably forget what it feels like right now, this strangeness – this transition of fitting my new self back into my old life.

We haven’t done much exploring yet but I am looking forward to getting out and seeing some more of the North Island, and maybe later in the year a little of the South Island too.  I’m looking forward to catching up with my girlfriends too and eating as many fejoas as I can before the season finishes. I literally ate about 40 yesterday – they are soooo good! And, I know I’ve been neglecting this wee blog too but I’m going to get back into regular posting soon :).

Hope y’all are having a great week!

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