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A Guatamelan Birthday

January 7, 2016

Growing up I always loved my birthday, it was without doubt my favourite day of the year and that’s a feeling that hasn’t been lost as I’ve grown older.  This was my first birthday in Guatemala and it was pretty low key. As in recent years I kept meaning to organise something to do but then I kept putting it off.  I kinda wish I had of done something to make it a little more special but I really did have a great day in the end and the spontaneity of it was what made it fun.

We started the day off traipsing around town looking for a new hostel to stay in, and then went for a short hike.  We got into an argument about the best way to set the camera up on a timer to get a photo of us until a lovely stranger came along and offered to get a photo for us (awkward!). 

a birthday in antigua a birthday in antigua, guatemala

A little later we had a lovely breakfast with two cups of delicious Guatemalan coffee.  The coffee is seriously my favourite thing about this country, its strong and sweet and earthy. Yum!

After that I got a haircut with the most aggressive hair wash I’ve ever had – she used more nail than finger, and cold water that sprayed all over my face and down my top ha.  I said to her in Spanish that I wanted just a little bit cut off but that I knew I needed a little bit more off and she laughed and just started cutting.  She took about 4 inches off the bottom which was 2 more inches than I was intending but honestly I love it, it’s so much healthier and softer.

haircut in antigua, guatemala

↑ So fresh & SO CLEAN ↑

We ran a few errands like going to the market and buying a switchblade for Guy (he’s been wanting a knife just to ‘cut fruit’ for ages) and then we stopped by a supermarket on the way back and picked up all the ingredients necessary for a gourmet picnic. 

a guatamelan birthday

a guatemelan birthday

↑ In my happy place (with an olive and a piece of avocado) ↑

In the evening we bought two bottles of red wine but couldn’t find a bottle opener and we weren’t convinced by the tutorials on YouTube so we went to an Italian restaurant around the corner from our hostel and asked if they would open it for us.  The waitress didn’t even bat an eyelid, just whipped it out and wished us a good evening.  We sat in the Parque Central and drunk it from styrofoam cups while we talked about our plans for the future.

a birthday in guatemala

a birthday in guatemala

Later on we went on a hunt to find a gluten free pizza (the one food I’m missing from back home) but the restaurant was closed so we headed to a Japanese place instead.  The waitress let us bring in another bottle of wine free of charge because it was my birthday and we feasted on edamame, gyoza and tempura. It was absolutely delicious!

It wasn’t the birthday I imagined but it turned out to be really fun and one I’ll definitely remember. I’m really excited to be 29 because it’s so close to being 30! I am so excited to turn 30 and enter a whole new decade of my life ha. πŸ™‚

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